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Debunking Falsehoods
Liberal Myths and Lies
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Surge Failure
Pelosi the Usurper
Schumer on Attorney Firings
Surge Mythology
Durbin on Abizaid
Saddam's Yellow Cake
A Long Time Ago

Liberal Myths and Lies

Jan. 15, 2007: I am celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by starting a blog specifically dedicated to tracking the ongoing folly of liberalism. Media pundits and journalists and publications and networks and politicians who promulgate myths or untruths (or things I believe are untrue that will come out eventually) will find their names here with brief summaries of their statements and my version of the truth, side-by-side. I hope this will allow me to more economically deal with the constant barrage of disinformation that comes from them.

(In recent months I have been frustrated because it seems every day I wouild have to write on two or three topics to give it adequate coverage, and it discourages me because I have to sleep sometime and after work and family time and keeping some time to unwind there just aren't enough hours in the day...)

More recent items will show at the top of the section (as they do elsewhere on the site). Please send me your comments or suggestions for additions (and if you want to be cited, give me your web site or other information as you would like it presented).

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